RMF offline filter OLU1C

The RMF offline filter OLU1C consists of a stainless steel filter housing, pump motor combination and a cellulose high dirt holding filter element.

It is extremely suited for applications where high solid and water contamination levels can be found such as large industrial gearboxes in harsh conditions.

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Extreme dirt holding capacity
The RMF filter elements 50NV are of a multi section design which allow for large dirt and water holding capacity and a wide range of fluid viscosity. The OLU1C has a single element that can hold more then 2,6 litre of water and has a dirt holding capacity of more then 1,5 kg.

Build as required
The stainless steel filter housing can be combined with a range of pumps (gear or screw), the displacement depending on fluid viscosity in combination with operating temperature and application. Motors too can be selected to specifically suit individual applications and conditions.

The rugged design and stainless steel housing makes it suited for harsh environmental conditions such as mining, steel- and offshore industry.

RMF offline filter OLU1C50NV02000
Off-Line Unit, single housing, single length (stainless steel), pump/motor 6,1 cc 230V 0,18 kW 50/60Hz 3-phase, incl. 1 piece element 50NV, visual indicator and mounting bracket.
Article number : DKL009290107 (9290107).

Also available with two pieces RMF filter element 50NV: RMF offline filter OLU1D.


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