BSF Filtertechniek – specialist in RMF Systems

BSF Filtertechniek  offers solutions for all kind of oil related contamination problems in various applications and markets. An important premise is that these solutions lead to desired results in the short and long term.

Big enough to handle, small enough to care
BSF Filtertechniek has hundreds of customers of all sizes, from small businesses to multinationals and government organizations. We proudly work for “big names” but we have equal attention for small businesses. After all, we too are a small company.

Go the extra mile
Our clients often tell us that we ask a lot of questions. Sometimes those troublesome questions are compelling them to take a closer look at their practices. But our questions are always accompanied by sensible advice and suggestions … and ultimately that interaction always provides a better solution.

Experience (lots of)
BSF Filtertechniek was founded in 1989 and has been working closely with the RMF Systems manufacturer ever since 1993. We realized hundreds of small and large projects and we have a broad experience. This results in smart and economical solutions to contamination problems, through the use of well engineered products and clever techniques.

Let’s meet?

Michel Beijn is (co) founder and owner of BSF Filtertechniek.
Some say oil runs through his veins.
Happy to share his experience with customers.



BSF Filtertechniek was founded in 1989 and has been a proud distributor of RMF Systems® since 1993.