RMF Systems cloud – Coming Soon

Real-time insight into the performance and availability of your equipment With RMF Systems cloud, a plug & play integration of your oil data is achievable without code. Programming skills are not necessary to have a complete overview of the monitored data. The information from your CMS, CMC, MCS and / or OQS is accessible via PC, laptop, tablet and on your mobile device. You define the essential system values and...

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RMF Systems now available online

The RMF Systems filtration & monitoring solutions can now be ordered online at BSF Filtertechniek. In our webshop you will find all RMF filter systems, filter elements, desiccant breathers, vacuum dehydration units and monitoring systems. Ordering has never been easier. And if you're not sure which items to order, there's always our RMF product finder to help you choose the right products. Start shopping and go to our webshop (B2B...

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Introduction to oil cleanliness

Fluid is one of the most important components of the hydraulic system. The majority of hydraulic failures are caused by contaminated fluid. This contamination can enter the system in different ways causing various contamination types and system failures. To help you reduce downtime of your hydraulic system we offer you the white paper "Introduction to Oil Cleanliness" for free. Divided in five chapters we discuss contamination, oil analysis, filtration, maintenance...

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Upgrade RMF filter elements 30G and 60G

The RMF fiberglass filter elements 30G and 60G are improved. The new elements have a filtration efficiency of ßx(c) > 1000. The steel end caps are replaced by nylon end caps. These end caps are tough and compatible with almost all hydraulic oil types. The elements are available in 1, 3, 6 and 10 micron in both 30 and 60 series. The filter elements are available from August 1st. Please...

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Solution for filtration of large oil volumes

Filtration of large oil volumes hydraulic fluids can be a complicated process. RMF Systems has developed a new offline filtration system, the RMF MultiPure. This system is designed to filter large quantities of hydraulic fluids utilising the Radial Micro Filtration technology. The MultiPure is suitable for almost any industry and will significantly prolong the service life of your oil and equipment. Severe damage Most standard fitted system filters contain fibreglass...

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New extremely robust desiccant breather

RMF has extended its product range with the extremely robust Titan Desiccant Breather (TDB). The Titan series have been developed in-house and operate by the same efficient process as the other RMF air conditioners. The difference is the housing of the TDB, which is made out of the strongest polymer to withstand even the most harsh conditions. Highest efficiency in a single process The RMF Titan Desiccant Breather reduces contamination...

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Save costs by investing in superior filtration

In the hydraulic market it is an accepted fact that poor fluid condition causes 80% of all hydraulic failures. This is the result of the presence of solid particles such as metal, sand, rubber and water in oil. Mainstream filters are incapable of removing the smallest particles, smaller than 2 micron (better known as silt); most of the silt remains in the system and affects the chemical composition of the...

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