RMF vacuum dehydration units

The RMF vacuum dehydration units are oil purification units which remove water, gasses and solid particles from all sorts of oil such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and turbine oils. The purified oil meets the strictest quality requirements, such as stated in the ISO 4406.

Simple Operation
The units neither remove nor alter oil additives. The water and gas removal process is based on pure vacuum evaporation inside a vacuum chamber at a maximum temperature of 60 °C. Solid particle removal is achieved through a well proven RMF micro filter. The units do not require continuous attention whilst operating, once connected properly and commissioned, oil purification is a semi-automatic process.

PLC controlled
The desired oil temperature can be selected on a thermostat which is included in the integrated heater element. Oil supply and removal from the vacuum chamber is a full automatic process which is controlled by a PLC. The only manual action is the emptying of the pre-condenser and waste water container (depending on model). Overflow of the waste container or tank is protected through a float switch which will shut down the dehydration unit once the maximum level is reached.

Plug and play
The RMF vacuum dehydration units can easily be connected to your system, and can be used while the system is turned off or running. Just plug and play, get started and be amazed how fast water will be extracted.

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