RMF filter systems

RMF Systems offer a wide range of highly efficient filter systems and has a solution for every contamination problem. The filter systems are simple to fit, have an immediate and lasting positive effect on machine performance and give high return on investment.

Removing silt
The tolerances between moving parts in servo valves and proportional valves are constantly reducing. The result is that even the smallest amounts of silt can cause damage to the system. RMF filters remove this silt.

Stop oxidation
Frequent oil changes are generally the result of chemical deterioration of the oil caused by the oil oxidation process. This process is brought into action by the presence of silt. If water is also present, this acts as a catalyst and the oxidation process is accelerated. RMF filters remove silt AND water from the oil.

Achive desired cleanliness
RMF filter systems are applied in bypass or offline configurations and constantly clean the oil from the reservoir. The oil which reaches the main stream filter is therefore cleaner and allows longer usage life. The RMF filter acts as a system filter : the filter that has the task of keeping the system fluid at the desired cleanliness level under all circumstances. The main stream filter then primarily acts as an emergency filter.

In control
To facilitate quality control of the oil, the RMF bypass and offline filter systems are equipped with two quick connect measuring points to which a particle counter can be attached. This offers the possibility of measuring the oil cleanliness level on-site and under working conditions. The measuring points also allow oil samples to be drawn for external analysis.

Suitable for bio oil
RMF filter systems and elements are suitable for use with most commonly used biodegradable oils. Please check before use.

Environmental friendly
Increasingly strict environmental laws in the area of oil changes, oil storage and the disposal of used oil lead to corresponding cost increases. Using RMF filter systems means extended usable life of the oil, less oil changes, less waste and saving the environment!

Saving money
Reduction of defects caused by worn components and oil means less malfunctions, less machine down time, less frequent oil changes, less mainstream filter changes and a more reliable hydraulic or lubrication system. And all those things save money, lots of money.

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