Desiccant breathers to protect hydraulic power packs

The hydraulic powerpacks of Incat’s high speed ship are protected against moisture and solid particles by RMF desiccant breathers KL121R.

The vessel contains three hydraulic powerpacks, one forward and two aft. All powerpacks are alarmed for low oil level,high temperature, filter clogged and low pressure.

The powerpacks supply hydraulics for capstans, trim tabs, steering gear and stern ramp. The power packs are critical for the proper functioning of the vessel.

Incat built the world’s first high speed ro-ro ferry to be powered by LNG as primary fuel. It has the capacity for over 1000 passengers and 150 cars. The vessel has a proven light ship speed of 53 knots, and average operating speed of 50 knots (± 92 km/h).

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