RMF bypass filters

The RMF bypass filters BPU are especially designed for mobile application in hydraulic and/or transmission systems. They are simple to fit, equipped with extremely efficient filter elements and offering the opportunity for simple control of oil cleanliness.

Flow control
The RMF bypass filter BPU (By Pass Unit) comes equipped with an integrated pressure compensated flow control valve. This valve bleeds oil from the main hydraulic system, passes this through the filter after which it is returned to the hydraulic reservoir. The amount of oil extracted from the main system at any time is insignificant ensuring that it will not affect the working of the main system.

RMF bypass filters can be fitted to every imaginable mobile application where hydraulic and/or transmission systems are present. Most commonly used biodegradable oils in the mobile sector are suitable for filtration with RMF filter elements.

Easy installation
Installation is very simple, the filter housing provides mounting slots on all four sides and the pressure and return connections are available on the side and the back of the bypass unit.

Anything that moves
In recent years RMF have developed a great deal of experience in cleaning and keeping clean hydraulic and transmission systems in anything that moves from excavators, wheel loaders, forestry machines, asphalt machines, concrete pumps, aviation ground support equipment to agricultural machines.

The RMF bypass filters BPU can optionally be equipt with an extra Watersorb filter (BPUW) or contamination monitoring sensor (BPUS). Ask us about all possibilities.

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