RMF offline filters OLU A&B

The RMF offline filters OLU series A&B are specially designed for micro filtration of hydraulic oils. They have their own pump-motor unit and are available in single or multiple housing configurations.

They are simple to fit, equipped with extremely efficient filter elements and offering the opportunity for simple control of oil cleanliness.

Simple operation

The RMF offline filters OLU (Off Line Unit) can be easily mounted to new and existing hydraulic installations. By means of an integrated pump-motor unit in the offline filter, the oil is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit. After filtering the oil is returned to the tank. RMF offline filters can continue to work even when the main system is not in use. Element change can also be done without interfering with the main system.

Easy installation

Installation is very simple, the filter unit provides a mounting plate or diptray. Just connect the suction line to the drain and the return line back to the reservoir. Connect the E-motor, check direction of rotation of the motor and start running.

Choose your pump-motor

RMF offline filters can be equipped with various electric motors and pumps, depending on operating conditions and oil viscosity.

Anything that works

In recent years RMF has developed a great deal of experience in cleaning and keeping clean hydraulic and lubrication systems on all sorts of industrial installations ranging from ships and dredgers, gearboxes, (wind)turbines, locks and bridges, storage tanks to hydraulic service trolleys for the military.


The RMF offline filters OLU can optionally be equipt with an extra Watersorb filter (OLUW), Heater (OLUH), contamination monitoring sensor (OLUS) or even with an air driven motor (OLUA).

Download Brochure RMF offline filters OLU A&B.
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