RMF VariPure

The RMF VariPure is the most advanced filter trolley for clean oil transfer and offline filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids when a permanent installation is not possible.

Controllable flow
With its sturdy gear pump, the Varipure offers an efficient pumping source. The pump flow is controlled by means of a frequency controller which allows the RPM of the electric motor to be adjusted to the specific oil flow and viscosity.

Range of filter elements
The VariPure holds two fiberglass elements 60G and offers a divers choice of elements ranging from 1 micron up to 10 Micron. The water absorbing elements 60A are offered in 1 and 5 micron size.

Optional particle counter
The RMF VariPure can be upgraded with an external particle counter like the RMF PLPC for ISO cleanliness level analysis.

RMF VariPure VP2B60G3VA0
Filter trolley, double housing (double length) incl. 2 pcs RMF filter element 60G3V, pump/motor 25 cc / 230VAC 0,75kW 50/60Hz 1-phase. Variable flow via frequency controller. Visual Delta-P gauge, with filterclogged shut-off, 15m cable without connector. Removable driptray.
Article number : RMF009500409 (9500409).


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