New extremely robust desiccant breather

RMF has extended its product range with the extremely robust Titan Desiccant Breather (TDB). The Titan series have been developed in-house and operate by the same efficient process as the other RMF air conditioners. The difference is the housing of the TDB, which is made out of the strongest polymer to withstand even the most harsh conditions.

Highest efficiency in a single process
The RMF Titan Desiccant Breather reduces contamination of your oils by removing solid particles (down to 3µ) and moisture from the air. Both solid particles and moisture are removed in a highly efficient single process.

Reduced total cost of ownership
Removing both the solid particles and moisture prevents contamination and oxidation of the oil and components. This process prolongs the service life of the oil and the equipment and reduces the down time and maintenance. Final result is a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership for your equipment.

Integrated anti splash device
The RMF Titan Desiccant Breather comes standard with an integrated anti splash device to eliminate oil from the equipment reservoir reaching the air filter and ZR Gel. Optional check valves can be added. These valves are fitted in opposing directions, opening whilst in- or exhaling. This prevents atmospheric contact between the air and the ZR Gel under static conditions, increasing the lifetime of the drying agent.

Serviceable and non-toxic
All desiccant breathers are completely serviceable, RMF can provide you with spare filter elements or refills of the non-toxic and non-carcinogenic ZR gel granules. The TDB is available in two sizes. They are compatible with almost all hydraulic and lubricating fluid applications, because of the wide variety of connection options.

Download the RMF Titan Desiccant Breathers documentation.

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