RMF condition monitoring

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Article number: RMF009432850 - OEM: 9432850

RMF Contamination Monitoring Sensor CMSWMKRG1-2 with moisture sensor, display, customisable relay, M16x2 connection. For mineral fluid.

 3.290,00 excl. VAT

RMF Condition Monitoring Center CMC1AA10111

Article number: RMF009282807 - OEM: 9282807

Plate mounted base configuration 0.18kW 230/400V 50/60Hz 3PH / 0.18cc. Base configuration without CMS/OQS/OQD (beware: picture does show CMS/OQS/OQD).

 2.804,00 excl. VAT

RMF Oil Quality Sensor OQS2-01-A-V

Article number: RMF009501805 - OEM: 9501805

Oil Quality Sensor 2, 1/2″BSP, RS485, 4-20mA, CAN bus, Modbus.

 1.185,00 excl. VAT

RMF power data cable OQC2-A-02

Article number: RMF009501825 - OEM: 9501825

RMF power data cable OQC2-A-02 (2 meters) for RMF Oil Quality Sensor OQS2-01-A-V. CANbus, Modbus, 4-20mA.

 71,00 excl. VAT

RMF Oil Quality Display OQD-S-1

Article number: RMF009420547 - OEM: 9420547

OQS display with data logger.

 987,00 excl. VAT

RMF Moisture Content Sensor MCS-01-0

Article number: DKL009427577 - OEM: 9427577

Moisture Content Sensor, 1/2″ BSP male, 4-20mA, Modbus.

 1.256,00 excl. VAT